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WakeUp Memory in the Classroom

Our students are more stressed than ever. Our students' mind and body are tired. 

We don't know how to help them. But we ask them to learn MORE.

As learners, we benefit from mnemonics and visual help. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are many more techniques that are proven to help understand concepts and retain the information better. The special education methodology is called WakeUp Memory™.

Best audience: homeschooling parents, teachers, professors, student organizations

Learning Objectives:

  • To stop the memory technique that is NOT effective and time-consuming: Rote memory (intense repetition)
  • Learn to use memory palaces
  • Learn to use association methods
  • Understand the science of memory 
  • Try a new note-taking method that is more effective

Keynote Talks

WakeUp Memory™ helps us see the world in a three-dimension, that is full of possibilities. Experience and learning become enjoyable.

The mind and body also feel fantastic because when we use our brains better, we release the chemical called "dopamine." Dopamine is the feel-good chemical makes us feel joy and excitement. 

Memory is about CONFIDENCE. People who understand the potential of the brain and learn some techniques to use the brain more effectively have better self-esteem.

Best audience: Larger conferences, organizations, training, social events 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the power of the brain
  • Practice methods to awaken the brain and release natural feel-good chemicals
  • Become more efficient in all aspects of work
  • Gain confidence in life and work