Score higher, faster

  • Learn memory techniques
  • Get better grades
  • Stop forgetting what you just studied
  • Pass examinations

Most of all only use rote memory techniques to retain information. If you keep repeating your notes, again and again, that's rote. It works, but you need a lot of time.

WakeUpMemory can teach you to use your brain the way it was originally designed. That is by making "connections." 

It looks like this: In physics and engineering, the atom in the x-ray tube goes from the Anode (negative charge) to the Cathode (positive charge). Instead of writing, rewriting, retyping, repeating, reciting this, just thing: "A- to C+." Your grade went from A- to a C+, yikes. Isn't that easier already? 

Add emotions - You are upset about your grade. The memory is even stronger.

If you want to discover how to use WakeUpMemory in all aspects of your studies, your grades will skyrocket!


Teach others how to reach their potentials

  • Learn memory techniques
  • Get your students or children to enjoy learning
  • Teach your students or children how to use the brain in multi-dimensions
  • Give your students or children confidence 
  • Help your students or children develop their brain (before it's too late)

The brain develops most between ages 10 and 25. If your students or children are in that range, you can influence them to fully reach their potential.

Learn the basics and reinvent your teachings. Even if you cannot use WakeUpMemory, you can start the conversation to spike their interest. That's how I started to use memory techniques because my mother left random books about the brain to read and gave me a few tips. At least, you will be knowledgable and influence your students and children.

I have taught professors, school teachers, lead engineers, and many others who were leading others.

The brain-strong movement starts with you, literally!


It's not a disability, it's an ABILITY

  • Learn how the brain processes information around us
  • Understand that reading the "traditional way" was never "traditional"
  • Practice to use all senses to store information
  • Get tools to store knowledge in your brain, using memory palaces
  • Boost your confidence by knowing that your disability can be overcome

One of my most memorable a client was a student who was clinically diagnosed with learning disability. She managed to get into college, but couldn't get to finish school. Even though school helped her with special facilities, more test-taking time, and mentoring, she was not improving. Long story short, after 4 months of training, she passed an extremely difficult board examination that was required for medical licensing.

How did we make it happen? We just explored all the other options she had for learning. And we practice the techniques until she was comfortable studying on her own.

Our brains have many different processing centers - for visual, for words, for sounds, etc. If you have a "disability," that just means your strength is in other forms.

Don't be discouraged by the "traditional" method of learning. Written language is only thousands of years old. While our other sensory parts of the brain are millions of years old. It's actually more natural for us to learn using the "non-traditional" methods.

So turn your disability into ABILITY. It doesn't matter how old you are!

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