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- Illinois Central College, Program Director

Cathleen Korondi

- Illinois Central College, Program Director

"The students were talking all day about the great webinar!!! Thank you so much for offering this to us. You are a pioneer in learning and I learned from you that day as well. I am trying to reframe pharm with more meaningful memories and connections!!!!"
- Masters degree candidate

Leslie Reilly RDH

- Masters degree candidate

"I remembered everything from the course. I never go to courses and actually remember what I learned, but Claire made it so simple to memorize. I now teach my daughter how to use the WakeUp Memory System. You really changed my life. "


Journalist Joshua Foer (author of Moonwalking with Einstein) was writing about memory champions around the world. One day, a memory expert asked Joshua if he could train him. Joshua reluctantly accepted the challenge and trained one-two hours every day for a year. The goal was for this normal journalist (with a very average IQ and memory) to win the USA Memory Championship. As you may have guessed, he indeed became the memory champion!

Claire Jeong, Founder of WakeUp Memory™ has a similar experience. She is the 2019 Ontario Memory Champion. She started teaching memory techniques in her twenties. Her "side job" as a college student grew so fast, she was coaching high profile families. Fast forward many years, her passion for education lead her to create multiple education brands. She always implemented her techniques in her brands, and the demand grew so strong, that she decided to share WakeUp Memory™ to everyone.


Can you recall brand names of the following local anesthetics, immediately? 

  • Lidocaine 
  • Bupivacaine 
  • Prilociane 
  • Mepivacaine 
  • Articaine

What you can learn


How to WakeUp your Memory 

  1. I - Intend
  2. S - See
  3. E - Edit
  4. E - Extra

When you do this, you engage several regions of the brain that are known to be involved in two specific tasks – visual memory and spatial navigation (including the right posterior hippocampal region that’s associated with the excellent memory of London taxi drivers).  

Here is another example. Very few people can easily remember the shape of Russia or France, but the shape of Italy is usually common knowledge because most people have heard that Italy is shaped like a boot.

You probably understand the general concept now. If you know to consciously associate or connect anything you want to remember to something you already know, your memory can significantly improve. 

The end result is a comprehensive WakeUp Memory™ methodology to help you learn anything from algebra to zoology faster and more effectively. 


The brain is a muscle; training is needed

Any fitness fans out there?! Just like working out to get that 6-pack, you can gain a brilliant memory if you work at it (hard). 

My goal is much more than helping others remember 

  • Drug names
  • Sequences
  • Numbers
  • People's name
  • and more

I believe that by “teaching people how to learn better,” we are providing better education. My hope is to create a small revolution in education. 

The goal is to learn and retain the important information we need throughout our career in faster, less painful, and more efficient ways.